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Drainage Installation

June 18, 2019

Naturesafe Landcare are experts in installing drainage systems and dry wells for residential homes. The drainage systems we install, work flawlessly and provide solutions to water issues that arise on your property. We install french drains, foundation drains, channel drains and dry wells.

Rain and underground springs create problems on our property as water tables rise and enter our crawl spaces, basements and other low areas on our property.

We work for home owners, real estate professionals and home inspection companies. Here are some of the solutions that we provide to our clients with wet yards:

Drywells     /     Rain Gardens
Basements     /     Crawl Spaces
French Drains     /     Roof Drains
Driveways     /     New Soil/Rock     /     Retaining walls


Dry wells are vertical infiltration systems (imagine a large concrete garbage can placed underground that has drainage holes) that roof or parking lot runoff is directed into. Dry wells need to be buried an appropriate depth and width in which concrete dry well rings are installed.

These dry well rings are concrete rings of varying diameters and heights that have perforation or holes to allow water to pass through to the surrounding soils. Water is routed to a dry well through pipes from downspouts, wet areas, low areas in your yard, or catch basins. The size of a dry well, like all infiltration systems, is determined by collection area and soil infiltration rates.

In order to install a dry well, we need to excavate a hole with the correct depth and width, and may also require us to install fresh surrounding soil and gravel. The hole is lined with a filter fabric to prevent loose soil from entering the well. Once the concrete well rings have been installed, then we place a concrete lid on top and then cover with soil and grass or gravel.

A drainage system needs to be installed on your property if your yard is soggy or is flooding every time that it rains. Naturesafe Landcare can install a drainage system for your property to keep your home protected from excess moisture. Naturesafe Landcare  takes care of your Gresham landscaping needs.

We analyze your soil type, yard slope, and distance to your home when determining where excess drainage needs to be directed and where to direct excess groundwater.  Every property needs to be evaluated based on soil, packing, neighbors property slope and drainage.

The surface drainage system and subsurface drainage system are important in evaluating how quickly a gallon of water drains into the soil. Have you determined if the downspouts from your gutter system drain to the road, or away from your home?

Some homes have french drains on their property, but the drain does not run into a drain that removes the water from your property correctly. Another important item to determine is if the slope of your property is sufficient to remove excess water.

Call your local office or email us at arnie@timf8.sg-host.com to set an appointment for a free estimate.


Roof drains are the pipes that start at the downspout and drain from the roof to another location. We have all seen homes that do not have gutters, and many do not have downspouts that carry the water away from your home. If your home has a green plastic water (splash block) displacement pad that is sold at most big-box suppliers, please know that these products are not sufficient for pushing water far enough away from your homes foundation.

Since Oregon gets high amounts of rain each year, we need to understand that a common result of water on metal is rust. Our gutters can rust, but also our drainage piping that is underground. When the drainage pipes rust and collapse, it dams the runoff water and results in a faulty drain system.

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